Can fencing protect my property from wildlife?

Mother Natures animals can often be a challenge - and they are not limited to rural areas. Use of a properly designed fence can protect your property.

Fence height to keep deer out

In Wisconsin, a permit to keep white tail deer enclosed requires a fence that is at least 7’10” high:

To keep wild white tail deer from entering your property a 6’ high fence will do the job.  Why?   All animals are basically lazy.  Jumping a 6’ high fence is hard work, so deer will walk to the neighbors’ property and eat their trees and plants.

Fencing rabbits out

Normal chain link fence has 2” to 2 ½” holes.  Rabbits go through that.  You need approximately 1” mesh to prevent the pesky varmints from getting in your garden.   And the height need not be very great; 2 or 3 feet will do.  This fabric can easily be attached (zip ties?) to another type of fence (wood picket, chainlink, ornamental metal, etc.)  You can do it yourself!

Save your garden from those critters!   

Ray Statz, Certified Fence Professional
Chairman of the Board
QualLine Fence Corp



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