Do I need to landscape before installation?

Yes and No. With our post driven system for fences we usually can install our fences through flower gardens without much disruption to your plants.  We can advise if there are any plantings that might need to be moved prior to installation.

Most of the time it is a good idea to do landscaping projects before installing the fence.    For example, remove the old fence.  Get rid of brush or weeds along the fence line. Wait till later, though, to apply mulch or

Stay off new sod

Fresh sod would prefer not to be walked on until it’s settled.  We can do our job on a new lawn if necessary, but in that case you must hold off on the watering for a few days before we come to do the fence.

Every yard and job is different, so please consult with us first.


Mark Schmitt
Vice President
QualLine Fence Corp


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