Do Handrails Save Lives?

Maybe you don’t feel the need for a handrail at the entrance to your home. You’ve have gotten along without one for decades, and no-one has fallen yet. But next month your mother-in-law is coming to visit.

And your friends, now that they are getting older, express trepidation about walking from the car to your front door.

It’s natural to hold on to something sturdy when walking up or down a path or stairway. The key word there is STURDY. Sometimes people even want a railing on both sides! And the handrail should feel good to your hand – the right shape, size and height.

We recommend metal (steel or aluminum) because it is more substantial, and the surface stays smooth and inviting to the hand with very little (if any) maintenance over the years. Our bending machines can create a railing that follows a curve. Powder-coating provides a long-lasting finish, though a good paint job can often do the same.

After you have us install a handrail you might wonder how you ever got along without it.

Harriet Statz

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