A DiamondBack in the rough

Posted by QL Admin
on 12 November 2015

Let me count the ways!


You may already be familiar by now with heavy-duty welded steel fencing.  When we started producing  this material we decided to call it DiamondBack (for lack of a better idea).  Very sturdy stuff made from 6 gauge wire – or even 4 gauge!   Only drawback is that the cut edges can be sharp, even when ground smooth.  So how to mitigate that problem? Roll the top!

We made a unique new machine and made it do just that.  Now DiamondBack can be used almost any place where people want to lean on the fence to talk to the neighbors.

Or as a guard rail:

Or a balcony:

It’s probably safe to say that no other company in the world offers such a product.  Maybe there is a use for RollTop in your home, yard, or business.  We love a challenge!


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