A fence is a valuable investment: Know what you’re getting.
When you invest in a car, you choose among numerous options to find the specific brand and model that’s right for you. You can select a fence the same way.

And like your car dealer, you want your fence contractor to be available in future years for possible service.
You’ll make choices when buying a fence: materials, height, degree of openness, timing - and all these affect cost. Remember, a fence lasts a long time is always on display. At Qual Line Fence, we diligently seek out the best, most cost-effective materials, offer a wide range of fence styles and test new products as they come on the market.
We select our suppliers with the same care you exercised in choosing our company. Long-term relationships with manufacturers and distributors help us offer our fence products with confidence.
Our active participation in trade associations means we know the industry. Furthermore, we keep a large inventory of materials, assuring quality control.

If you have a Residential fencing need - wood fence, chainlink, wrought iron or vinyl - contact the experts at Qual Line Fence today for a free estimate on one of our Diamond-Dependable solutions.

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